An ntNFT Wallet Serves as Digital Era H.S. Transcript

The app reinvents the high school transcript, updating accountability metrics for the Digital Age. Our goal is to establish a source of high quality educational data; data which is a strong predictor of outcomes in a digital economy; data which is based on project-based student work products uploaded once per month during the 11th and 12th grades.

Critical thinking is the “vaccine” for the information viruses that have hit our nation in a parallel pandemic to the Coronavirus.

Everyone knows that K-12 education is a high leverage opportunity to exercise critical thinking during our formative years. And yet, our average public school can’t seem to pull that lever and offer learning experiences that engage students’ deeper faculties.

Institutions age, just like people do. Young Google lived by the slogan “don’t be evil.” They grew up since then. Institutions have diseases, too. Things can heat up as micro-cultures collide. Corporate antibodies are administered; stasis re-established.

The nation’s largest school district is one such institution. Education remains one of the very few sectors of our economy which has not evolved for 150 years. Prisons are the other. Even factories have outgrown the traditional factory model still in use in our schools.

Those participating in such a massive organisms aren’t knowingly fighting for status quo. They are good people. They… #ntNFT

At, we are all about gold standard 11th and 12th grade credits. If the proof is in the pudding, then the quality of student work will establish the credibility of the platform, or prove it inviable. Right?

The youth are, quite literally, the venture capitalists behind They invest their their attention, their voice, their expression and enjoy returns on that investment.

To wit, should we succeed and become the largest school district in the nation based on transcript data, without having any schools, these first investors will be rewarded with a basic income award of monthly crypto payments…

Why BTC+USD is an All-American Pairing

Bitcoin—America’s Savings Account

Tl;dr: The US Constitution decentralized power, bitcoin does the same for finance. The combination of USD for spending and BTC for savings could spread financial freedom around the world.

Bitcoin is a technology which has gone from being a concept on a chat group in 2008 to global boomer money held in highly regulated and notoriously conservative 401k accounts, and soon coming to your local credit union. By 2019, the technology had grown bigger than GE, IBM, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, The Russian Rubble, and The Canadian Dollar and by 2021 bitcoin crossed $1 trillion market cap, approaching the valuation…

#ntNFT: The DeFi of Edu

PROBLEM: low quality data in education (based on standardized thinking which predicts for jobs AI will easily take).

SOLUTION: a gold standard (decentralized) academic transcript app built on project-based proof-of-work (youth media).

OVERVIEW: If Tiktok and Twitter are the platforms that convert social media into social capital, a high school transcript app converts academic media into academic capital.

DETAIL: a high school transcript is nothing more than a ledger of accounts, easily implemented as a wallet of tokens, non-transferable and non-fungible tokens (ntNFT’s), cryptographically proving which students have produced individual 10-minute academic media segments.

DETAIL: 48-times* harder to cheat and…

✔️ There are 8M 11th and 12th grade students in the United States

✔️ 1% adoption would represent 80,000 students using the app

✔ ️The platform charges $9/month, eight months per year so,

$9 x 8 mo. x 80,000 students = $5.76M

✔️ 2/3 of royalties shared by members of the launch team (0.667) so,

0.667 x $5.76M = $3.84M/year in royalty earnings

✔ ️Estimated 23 members of the launch team so,

$3.84/23 = $167,000/year per launch team member

You’ve heard of NFT art; get ready for ntNFTs

ntNFT: Non-transferrable NFT.

An NFT (non-fungible token) is a digital file on a blockchain that is unique so it can be owned and sold. They are all the craze recently since one sold for $69M.

An ntNFT is a digital file that is unique and cannot be sold. These are the perfect format for a digital transcript. These are the building blocks of Academic Capital as I defined it in my recent book.

11th and 12th grade students:

  1. Browse competencies on an ntNFT platform like or (yet to be launched);
  2. Select a…

(In 600 Words)
Bill Gates: The 2/14/2021 60 Minutes interview

I got into an argument with some people I respect, which is nothing unusual. But this time it stuck in my craw. We had just watched the 60-Minutes with Bill Gates shilling his new book.

He came across as a strange kind of superhero. I call him Super Boomer. He’s like a muppet character representing that epithet. His sweater (disguised as a vest) makes for a good Super Boomer outfit if you can imagine the big “SB” under his folded arms.

Does Gates really think he’s the guy that will discover the next big tech while tinkering…

Reputation Derived of Academic Capital

This Post is an Addendum to This Post: Industrial Standardization; Digital Normalization in Education. Read that first.

I have argued that the New York State high school diploma, as a fair and responsive measure of meaningful learning is of little use. There are three hidden implications of this thesis that warrant some unpacking.

TL:DR: Credits remain meaningful at individual high schools with strong reputations. Many high schools do an excellent job of ensuring value in their credit awards. …

Nadav Zeimer

Ending standardized testing in NYC high schools by 2040. #DNAcredits #AcademicCapital

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